Just In Time For Christmas…

Xmas Pork Roast 1

There are only five days left until Christmas Eve!

I have been rather quiet on the blog, with things at work speeding up rather than slowing down before Christmas.  The rest of my schedule has been filled with shopping for gifts, saying goodbye to all the friends going on holiday, and lots of cooking!

Isn’t Christmas like that for most people?
It’s actually not a very relaxing time!  It is fun and filled with special moments, but definitely not relaxing.  And part of the reason is because you have to spend hours in the kitchen, preparing Christmas dinner.

Well…not this year!
This stuffed pork leg roast is a main dish for Christmas lunch that’s going to take about 10 minutes of prep.  Your oven will do the rest while you kick back with some eggnog.

The sauce is a simple reduction and is thrown together while your roast is resting.
Don’t be scared off by the ‘butcher’s knot’ – you don’t even have to use it.  But it’s always nice to learn something new!

Try it out!  Click here for the full recipe for Stuffed Christmas Pork Leg Roast with Reduced Red Wine & Plum Sauce


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