Aromatica 1: Basil & Chicken Cannelloni

Chicken-and-Basil-Canneloni-Final_thumbI’ve decided to post a trilogy of recipes called ‘Aromatica’.
All three these meals are flavoured with herbs rather than spices, which give them a taste different to the type of food Namibians usually make.

We are a nation of salt, pepper and lots of spice.  Our food has strong flavour and the colour of our food flag would probably be red, orange, yellow and brown.  Our emblem would probably be a big fat steak.

This dish is a total U-turn from all of that.  Be warned though:  the aroma of the basil has a unique richness of its own, so this dish if very filling!

Prep time: 20 minutes
Cook time:  25 minutes

Get the full recipe on the Food Lover’s Blog:  Basil & Chicken Cannelloni



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