Grilled Jerk Chicken & Parmesan Potato Galetta

Jerk-Chicken-final_smallIf there is one good-enough reason to keep your spice rack well stocked, it would be Jerk Chicken.

Jerk is a Jamaican cooking style, and is a very sharp but sweet and spicy type of taste. Allspice, chili, cinnamon, ginger, pepper, orange juice…it is a sensational tastebud trip.  Jerk is traditionally applied to either pork or chicken, and you can make this recipe either in the oven or on the Weber.

You can SEE all the flavorsome spices sticking to the chicken!

You can SEE all the flavorsome spices sticking to the chicken!

This recipe cost about N$88 to make, including the side dish.  BUT that is only because I had all the spices I needed at home.  Really – spend N$35 a month and buy two new spices or herbs with your monthly shopping.

The side dish is a ‘galletta’ – a fancy French word that refers to a flat, crusty cake; usually savoury, but can also be garnished with berries or apple slices. This particular Jerk-Chicken-galetta-final_smallgaletta is made from grated potatoes, sweet potato and onion. Raimond at the office said it reminds him of the German Kartoffelpuffer! Season it with Parmesan to transform this deliciously crunchy side dish!

Follow the link to the full recipe for Grilled Jerk Chicken & Parmesan Potato Galetta on the Food Lover’s Blog.


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