Pizza At Home: Salami, Blue Cheese & Red Wine Onions

One of my favourite foods will always be pizza – especially when it’s a left-over slice eaten for breakfast!

I’ve opted for ‘gourmet’ toppings with this pizza.  If you go gourmet, you have to keep it simple.  These toppings are usually rich enough that you don’t need so much that it slops off the base when you try to eat it.  Red wine infused onions are spread over the base, topped with salami and a piquant blue cheese, mozarella and rocket leaves.  If you don’t like blue cheese, substitute it with feta.

I made another pizza on the side with peri-peri chicken livers & green pepper.  It was delicious!

Like most pizza fans I am quite picky about the type of base. I am a thin-base fan, and I prefer it to be slightly crispy. The base makes or breaks the success of your pizza, and that is why so few people attempt to make their own base at home. Because usually it comes out thick, bready and chewy.

The base recipe I’ve used is easy enough to make, but it will take about an hour and needs a bit of elbow grease.

Go to the Food Lover’s blog for the ingredients list and directions to make Salami & Blue Cheese Pizza with Red Wine Onion Base.


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