Nommolicious Xmas Mud Cake

My father hates raisins.  My husband really dislikes them, especially in food.  My sister’s boyfriend doesn’t eat them.  My brother won’t even look at them.

Nobody I know likes traditional Christmas fruitcake.

The chances were very good that this pudding would be a big miss, because it contains the fruit mix usually found in fruitcake, which is choc-full of raisins.

Against all odds, everyone that tasted this Christmas Mud Cake LOVED it.  The fruit isn’t overpowering at all – it just adds an overall flavour, while the whiskey and chocolate ties everything together.

You also don’t need a six week run-up to enjoy this bad boy with your Christmas lunch.  In fact, you can whip it up one hour before and serve it hot right after the mains!

It is expensive to buy the ingredients, with the total at ±N$200.  But you will have at least half left of most of the ingredients – so you can make another one when you’ve devoured the first!

Get the full recipe for Christmas Mud Cake on the Food Lover’s Blog!


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