Stuffed Chicken Breasts with Green Mushroom Sauce

My husband and I are still on our ‘less red meat’ diet.  I don’t mind, because we both love chicken. But I just wasn’t in the mood to eat chicken strips AGAIN last night.

So I got a bit creative, and subsequently found out that making stuffed chicken breasts at home really isn’t that difficult.  I love exploring my fridge for ingredients and getting creative with them!

For the stuffed chicken I used spinach (4 leaves), chicken breasts, unflavoured cream cheese, and avocado.

For the green mushroom sauce, I used fresh mushrooms, 1/2 onion, garlic, 2 spinach leaves, a dash of white wine, 2% milk, some water and Maizena.

1. Cut each chicken breast diagonally across its thickest side, getting it to flap open.

2. Spread the bottom side of the breast with cream cheese, top with finely chopped spinach and a slice of avo.

3.  Spice to your own taste.  I used Pasta Spice and some black pepper.

4.  Neatly fold all the flaps over each other to close the chicken breast up.  Using toothpicks (broken in half) secure the flaps so that there are no holes where the stuffing can ooze out.

5. If you have breadcrumbs, season them with salt and cayenne pepper.  Crumb each of the chicken breasts, and place in an ovenproof dish.

6.  Bake at 220°C for 17min, and then grill for another 5min.  Make the baking time two minutes less if your chicken breasts are very thin.

For the sauce, fry the onions, mushrooms, garlic and spinach.  Add milk until you get the amount of sauce you would like to be left with at the end.  Bring to the boil and add the white wine.  Lower the heat, add water a bit of Maizena and let it thicken while stirring.  Season with salt & pepper, and a bit of paprika.


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