Make Your Own Xmas Tree Decorations

One of my fondest childhood memories about Christmas is being on my grandparents’ farm one year with the entire family. It was a typical dry and hot December in the south of Namibia, and we decided to celebrate it that way.

The day before Christmas, the uncles went out to the veld one morning to find us a Christmas tree – a perfectly shaped dry branch that stood up like a normal tree and could be decorated by the children. Meanwhile, the aunts and grandmother baked a huge batch of sugar cookies and made different colour icing sugar. A big table was set with icing, silver balls, 100s & 1000s, cherries and chocolate sweets.

The kids decorated the cookies, threaded each one with a piece of thread and hung it on our Namibian Christmas tree.  That year we were even more excited because, in addition to getting gifts, we could eat our creations off the Christmas tree!

This is the gift I give to you and your kids. Create your own Christmas decorations this year! Not only are they tasty, unique and fun to make; it also won’t break the bank, coming in at less than N$100 (icing and decorations included!)

Follow this link to the step-by-step to make your own Christmas cookie decorations!



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