“I Hate Dishes” Lasagna

I often say that if I had someone to do my dishes, I would cook and bake all day.  But alas – my husband doesn’t want to accept any amount of money or bribery to be my dish-man, because he hates dishes more than any person I know.

It is possible that this lasagna tasted a bit better just because I wasn’t left with a mountain of dishes afterward.  You only need one pan.

On that note:  if you don’t have a non-stick pan yet, you’re missing out. I only buy non-stick cookware now.  Dishes are enough of a ‘schlep’ without having to try scrubbing the remnants of last night’s dinner out of the pan.  Just spend the money on a good quality non-stick pan, and you’ll be set for years!

Follow the link to get the recipe for One Pan Bacon Lasagna.



2 thoughts on ““I Hate Dishes” Lasagna

  1. I also take the same three things into consideration when trying out new dishes or even just day to day cooking. And you’re right, this recipe definately ticks all three boxes!

    I will be giving this a go very soon and can’t wait to tuck in. Thanks a million for another delicious, easy and affordable recipe Christine.

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