A Steak Through My Heart

Steak.  Oh my soul.  Steak.  What self-respecting omnivore doesn’t love steak?!  With butter, garlic and red wine.  Be still my beating heart!

‘Steak Florentine’ is a dish native to Tuscany in Italy.  A simple way to describe it is that it’s an almost unadorned steak, grilled to perfection at very high heat and then seasoned with only a little salt, pepper and garlic, then drizzled with olive oil.

This is not a pure version of Florentine Steak – it’s only inspired by the art that Tuscans have mastered.  This version is easy enough for anyone to pull off and it tastes great!  I love that the meat’s flavour is clear and unaltered by marinade and powerful spices!

If you want a great wine with your steak, try Rib Shack by Douglas Green.  It is not expensive, and it was made specifically to enjoy at a braai with red meat.  It’s a Shiraz/Pinotage blend, but the longer it breathes the sweeter it becomes.  Try it!

Get the full recipe and a picture of Rib Shack on the Food Lover’s Blog.


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