Thai Beef Curry – Not Your Mom’s ‘Kerrie & Rys’

What is the difference between Thai curry, Indian curry and your mother’s ‘kerrie & rys’?

Your mother’s curry uses mostly just curry & turmeric.  Curry powder is basically a spice mixture as well.  So ‘kerrie & rys’ is curry in a very basic and in no sense of the word, all at the same time.  It’s really the vinegar & apricot jam that makes it taste good.

Indian curry calls for a blend of spices, of which curry is just one small component.  There are about 25 different spices used for Indian curries.

Thai curry is more aromatic than the rest, and is made with a paste, fresh ingredients such as lemongrass, and coconut milk or water.

Thai red curry paste can be found in most shops.  By itself it isn’t really hot, which leaves you the option to add more or less chilies.

This recipe is a general version of Thai Beef Curry.  There are hundreds of different recipes that vary only slightly from each other, so this is a good start.  If you like the taste of this, you can start exploring other ingredients.

Click here to see the full recipe and step-by-step photos for the Thai Beef Curry recipe.


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