Being the Braai Master

Braai food with a twist! Spinach-filled butternut, a ‘braai broodjie’ on a bun, and sweet chili chicken & apricot sosaties!

Braai Day on 24 September is a S.A. Heritage Day celebration that has washed over to Namibia – and why not? I don’t know one person who doesn’t love ‘braaivleis’.  It just seemed a shame that I’ve never really been the Braai Master – in charge of tongs and meat, ‘broodjies’ and ‘wors’.  So Braai Day 2012 was the perfect opportunity!

My husband gave me 8/10 for the final product.  He deducted 2 points for my chicken sosaties being a little bit dry.  His tip is turn them very often – at least every 2 minutes.

The butternut side dish is DELICIOUS and is open to adaptation. I added a few chopped mushrooms and feta cheese I had in the fridge.

I chose to make ‘braai-broodjies’ as a an extra side dish. Thank you to Lucas from Food Lover’s Market who told me to make it on brötchens (buns)instead of bread. It tasted fantastic!

Enjoy a traditional braai with a few twists!

Click here to see how to make the spinach-filled butternut on the braai!


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