Boot Camp: Going Back For More

You may have noticed that The Baking DJ’s tagline has changed to: Ruining Your Diet One Recipe At A Time.
There is a way counter the side-effects of all this yummliness. It’s called Boot Camp.

Four weeks ago my boss, Margaret and instructor Anita persuaded me to sign up for Boot Camp – a 6 week group exercise program that consists of 3 one hour-long sessions per week. I’d heard stories from other people of how grueling Boot Camp is, and I was nervous (to put it lightly!)

But after four weeks I’m enjoying it so much that I’ve decided to sign up for the next Boot Camp! I am also going back to the same group across town. When you sweat, groan, moan and suffer together three times a week and collectively feel like dying, it births a camaraderie of sorts!

My fitness and ‘pass out threshold’ have both improved. In the first week I could manage 30 sit-ups in a minute and 18 ladies’ push-ups (a minute on its own)
Last week we were given 6 minutes to complete an entire set and we all did it! 400m run, 50 sit-ups, 40 squats and 30 push-ups. As far as I know everyone else finished too!

I haven’t really altered my diet, and although the change would be much bigger if I do, I can see change – especially in my problem-areas. Boot Camp makes sure every part of your body gets a work out during the six week course!

Thank you to Anita, our instructor, for her motivation & guidance. A big shout-out to the Olympia evening group who have warmly welcomed me into their circle of pain!

I look forward to seeing YOU at Boot Camp!


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