Date Night – Fondue

My husband and I have started scheduling weekly date nights with each other lately.  It takes some commitment to not let it fall by the wayside when things get really hectic, but it is SO worth it!  A night together like this can feel like a weekend away!

Last night I made us fondue – ‘Venter style’.  I couldn’t find a proper fondue pot, so we just used a normal pot and put it on my portable two-plate stove (dug up from my bachelorette days).

We played a fun trivia game inbetween frying and eating, which kept the conversation flowing.

I also don’t have much dishes to wash today, thanks to a nifty tip I found on  Use a cupcake tray for all the different foods, instead of using a different bowl for each one!

Use a cupcake tray for the different foods instead of an individual bowl for each.

We finished basically all this food, but we were STUFFED afterward!  So this should be enough for 2-4 people.

The price tag for all of this will be around N$150, but you will have at least half of everything (except the meat) left untouched.  Cut it up as well and make a stir-fry and rice the next day, or use it in other dinner dishes – all of it keeps fresh in the fridge for a while.

1 x Chicken Breast – cubed, mix with a bit of lemon juice

170g Beef Goulash – cut into small cubes, mix with a bit of lemon juice

200g Pork Goulash – cut into small cubes, crumbed (see directions below)

12 x Baby Potatoes – cut in quarters, boiled until just soft

14 x Fresh Mushrooms – cut in half or whole, some crumbed (see directions below)

1/2 Onion – cut into large blocks

Green, Red or Yellow Pepper – 1/8 of each cut into large pieces’

1/2 Carrot – cut into wheels

Sausage Off-cuts – available at Food Lover’s Market for next to nothing!

Sweet & Sour sauce – use 1/4 Knorr Sweet & Sour sauce packet & 1/2 cup water

Mushroom sauce – use 2 tbsp Knorr Mushroom Soup & 1/2 cup water

Guacamole – 1/4 avo + 1 tbsp cream mashed together

CRUMBING PORK & MUSHROOMS:  Do this 1 hour before serving

Thank you to Lukas from Food Lover’s Market for telling me to crumb the pork!  It was DELICIOUS!

1/2 cup flour

1 egg, beaten together with 50ml milk

Bread/Cornflake crumbs (store-bought is better) – add a bit of salt & herbs to taste

1.  Cover the pork cubes/mushrooms in the flour.  Hold mushrooms by their stalks to keep your hands clean!  Shake off excess flour.

2.  Dip it in the egg/milk mixture.

3.  Cover in crumbs.

4.  Let it sit in the fridge for at least 1 hour.  This prevents the coating from coming off in the oil when you fry it.  Works like a charm!

What other food suggestions do you have for a fondue?  Comment below!




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