Post-Winter Damage Control

Although it definitely doesn’t feel like it this week (with -4 readings in Windhoek), winter is coming to an end soon.  The roses in my garden are starting to bud, and the sun is setting a little bit later in the evenings.

The thought of it all makes me look forward to dinners outside and picnics at the pool, and to a garden full of beautiful spring flowers.

Unfortunately the thought of dressing for these occasions doesn’t make me very excited.  You see, I find winter to be a time of eating and dressing in layers to hide it – from yourself as much as from everyone else!  With the rebirth of spring the consequences of so much eating cannot be hidden any longer.

Enter BOOT CAMP.  I’ve been offered the opportunity to attend Boot Camp for the next six weeks, starting Monday 13 August.  If you don’t know what Boot Camp is, check this out:

I’ve been told that I will not be able to move properly for the first two weeks.  Once I get the feeling back in my limbs I will be sure to update you on my progress.

Don’t worry – this doesn’t mean I’m going vegan or anything!  The posts will largely still stay the same.  Do watch this space for another exciting venture by The Baking DJ coming soon…  In the meantime, tell me what you are doing to get rid of the winter weight?


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