Make Your Own Big Mac At Home!

I ate MacDonald’s for the first time ever in December 2011 in Cape Town, at the age of 26.
Yes, I know – shame!

I know there are some die-hard MacDonald’s fans among us, so herewith a video that I stumbled upon where the Canada Executive Chef of MacDonald’s shows us how to make a nearly-authentic Big Mac burger at home!

Remember that the mayo they use is the white mayo (like Miracle Whip), not the tangy beige stuff we know here.

You Will Need:

SAUCE:  Mayo, pickle relish, yellow mustard, white vinegar, garlic powder, onion powder and paprika.

FILLING:  Two burger buns (cut in half), chopped onion, chopped lettuce, cheese, pickles and two beef patties.

Link to the HOW TO video:



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