Deloitte Masterchef Namibia

I recently watched a brilliant movie called Julie & Julia, starring Meryl Streep.  It’s about an American woman in 2002 that sets herself the challenge to cook through the 1950’s cookbook of French cuisine by Julia Child – the woman who brought French cooking to America & the world.

I really liked the part of her meltdown, crying on the kitchen floor, covered up to her elbows in chicken stuffing.  I’ve had meltdowns like that.  I think I once tossed a cupcake across the kitchen, and I’ve screamed at a bowl of icing.

After watching this movie, I was asked whose book I would choose to cook through, if I ever decided to do a challenge like that.  I would choose Antoinette de Chavonnes Vrugt – the famous author of the Namibian cookbook, My Hungry Heart.

I bought the book as a friend’s Christmas gift once, and almost didn’t give it to her because I wanted to keep it for myself!  Have you ever done or thought about doing that?

Last night I had the pleasure to be invited to the Deloitte Media Masterchef event, which was held at Mrs. de Chavonnes Vrugt’s home!  Oh my soul!  I was so excited when we arrived there and I found out whose house it was!

I had so much fun!  We were divided up into four groups of Deloitte representatives and media members.  Each group received measured out ingredients and a recipe to make…SOUP!

HELLO!  Superb Soup Mission going on here!  What a boost to my learning curve!

Our team, represented by Deloitte partner Jens Kock, made Mexican Cheese Soup.  Nom nom nom!

Left to right: Representatives from Nampa, Namibian, New Era, Radiowave (me!) & Deloitte

The other three soups were:

Chinese Chicken & Corn soup
Salzberger Garlic Cream soup
Harira – a traditional Moroccan soup

Each team received a big ball of dough to make a bread, and an array of herbs and seeds, olives and cheese to flavour it with.  This baked while we boiled, toiled, talked and tasted.

And then it happened…I WON!  They did a lucky draw for a signed copy of My Hungry Heart and I WON!

My heart stopped for two seconds and then did a double-beat to catch up to reality.  Just five minutes earlier I was telling my table that I would choose this book as a cooking challenge, and all of a sudden they’re taking a photo Antoinette handing me copy!

I know – I make it sound like I won the lottery.  But this IS the food lottery for me!  Namibian & “Namibianised” recipes with ingredients you’ll always find locally.  Plus, EVERYTHING in this book (except dessert) has garlic in it.  I never, ever cook without garlic.

The bread was finally baked and the soup simmered to perfection,a nd we could have some of everything.

I had WAY too little to eat.  I was talking and enjoying everyone else’s company too much to slip away for second helpings of each divine soup.  As I fell asleep last night my last thought smelled of creamy garlic soup and tasted of a piece of braided bread broken off while it’s still hot.

A few thank you’s are due:

  • Deloitte – for this fantastic event.  I loved meeting everyone & learning more about your company.
  • Nicole @ Deloitte – Thank you for the warm welcome and
  • Corlia @ Sindana – great organisation, fun concept!
  • Antoinette – for hosting us and who signed my book with a personalised message
  • Anne@Radiowave – for convincing me to go with her in the first place!

We’re definitely having garlic cream soup for dinner tonight!

From left to right: Anne, Corlia from Sindana and me.

Anne’s team at Deloitte Masterchef Namibia


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