Kit Out Your Kitchen – Staples Every Cupboard Needs

Just like a house needs a foundation, every kitchen cupboard needs to be kitted out with certain staple ingredients.

Staples are used in most recipes and plenty a-time can save you a trip to the shop because they are great substitutes for other ingredients.  Most of these products go a long way so you’ll only need to buy it again in a few weeks or months.

What are your kitchen staples?  Leave your comments below!

Here is my personal list:

Old bread – freeze those stray slices that you usually throw away, and use later for breadcrumbs.

All-purpose flour – Just 1kg goes a long way in baking and making sauces

Maizena – the most useful thickener on the planet!

Pasta & rice

Crushed garlic

Cayenne Pepper

Mixed/Italian herbs

Extra Virgin Olive Oil – NEVER use any other type of olive oil!  It’s expensive but lasts at least a month!

Stock blocks – vegetable & chicken are the most versatile

Canned Tomatoes – whole or chopped, and/or concentrate

Canned Mushrooms, Beans and Tuna – slowly build up a reserve by buying one or two cans every month.


 Salad veggies – lettuce, fresh tomato, onion, cucumber

The combined value of all these products is ± N$300.  You don’t have to buy it all at once, and you may already have many of these things in your cupboards.


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