Your Most Comforting Recipes

Do you have a family favourite recipes? What are the comfort foods you turn to in winter?

Cooking dinner every night gets monotonous if you keep rotating the same recipes. Trying new meals keeps dinnertime interesting, and introduces you to a new world of taste and comfort.

Send me your best comfort recipes to try out and post online! Email to


2 thoughts on “Your Most Comforting Recipes

  1. Agreed making the same recipes every week is boring- I found this out not so long ago and I’ve just started as I recently got married so now I’m the one that has to think up ideas for suppers. My husband is no help either because he never has cravings for food. But last night I made waffles and caramel and last week we had brownies and tea. My winter comfort food is definately sweet bakes and curries.

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