Confession – I Suck At Making Soup

If you have any tried & trusted soup recipes, or nifty tips for making soup that I can post on this blog, please email me on

Winter is starting to curl its fingers around Namibia, and there are few things as comforting in the cold as soup.

The problem is – I usually suck at making soup.  I can make almost anything else, but soup is a bit of an Achilles’ heel.  So my mission for Winter 2012 is to practice making all kinds of soup until I get it right.  I want to end my mission with a successful pea soup with lamb shanks.  It’s my favourite soup in the world!

Last night my mission started off very well, with a successful chicken & corn soup (see next post).  It was very simple & straightforward, which made me realise I might have been trying too hard when making soup.

Please send me your soup recipes & tips, or even ideas to try out to






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