Chicken Breasts Cooked Correctly

Chicken breasts have unfairly earned a reputation for being dry, flavorless and tough. But this is not so!

This super healthy cut of white meat is easy to cook, and can be very tasty if it’s done right. Cooked this way, you can serve it with or in salad, or with just a gravy and a starch.

You’ll need olive oil, some crushed garlic and soy sauce, and your oven grill.

Switch on the oven grill, and put an oven rack two notches above the bottom of the oven.

Slice the chicken breasts into cubes, strips or horizontally down the middle (so that they are thinner).

Put the chicken in an ovenproof dish. Pour over some olive oil and soy sauce and garlic (I use about a teaspoon per 2x breasts). Add chicken spice, herbs or other spices if you wish. Mix it up with your hands so that all the chicken pieces are covered in oil.

Spread the chicken out so that it evenly covers the bottom of the dish. Put the dish on the 2nd from the bottom oven rack and grill for 8min (cubes or strips) or 10min (breasts sliced in half).


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