Roasting Bags

Have you tried using roasting bags?

I posted about ‘No-dishes Chicken’ – roasting bags plus spice you can buy.  It’s still a winner, but if you would rather make your own flavours and save a bit of money, try out the plain roasting bags.  A packet of 10 costs about N$30, whereas one bag+spice bags cost about N$13.

I made chicken in one for the first time this week, and spicing it was way easier than I thought!  And we ended up with a lot of sauce in the bag as well.

I used 4 quarter legs, 5 small potatoes & one onion.  The penny has finally dropped with me that the more chicken you use, obviously the more sauce you’ll end up with.

When all these spices were mixed together, they would almost have filled about 1/3 cup.  Play around with it, use your own amounts of each, add to and take away from the list – don’t be scared!

Cayenne Pepper
Braai Spice
Mixed Herbs
Extra Salt & Pepper
Mushroom Soup (only about 2 tsp)

Taste the spice to see if it tastes good!

The roasting bags’ instructions say to first cover the whole inside of the bag with flour, so nothing sticks to it and to thicken the sauce.  I didn’t do this, but rather just added Mushroom Soup to my spices.


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