The Mid-20s Slump

I’m 25 and happy to admit that I am right in the middle of a Mid-20’s Slump.  It started as just a bit of a ‘bored with my social life’ feeling about three years ago.  Now it’s a big tree of contentment, and I’m curled up under it on a blanket, eating home-cooked meals out of a picnic basket.

On weekends, I am more than happy to go out only once, and by ‘go out’ I mean braaiing or watching the rugby at someone else’s house (usually our parents’) on a Saturday afternoon.  The only exception is MoJoe’s in Windhoek once a month on a Wednesday night when my husband gigs there, and we all act like we don’t have to go to work the next day.  Other than this, I have absolutely no desire whatsoever to surround myself with drunk, horny 18-year-olds who wear clothes that make them look like beggars.

I count my husband as my BFF; other than him I have less than a handful of real friends.  This is by choice more than circumstance.  I have chosen to stop surrounding myself with people who are stuck in their teens, who enjoy being drunk every weekend, and people who ask for my advice just to deliberately go against it and make plain stupid choices.  I’ve stopped hanging out with people who have no ambition to improve themselves in any way, too.  I’m a procastinator by nature, and I don’t need anyone encouraging that trait.

There is a good 3:1 balance of practical clothes and stylish clothes in my closet.  I do still try looking nice every now and again, but mostly I just want to feel comfortable without looking like a complete slob.

I know I’m not the only 20-something woman that feels this way.  I’m just one of the few who really couldn’t give two hoots if people think I’m old before my age.

Are you also enjoying (or suffering from) the Mid-20s Slump?


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